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To make the definite decision our new publishing system for our company's future, we classify and integrate our academic materals accumulated for long years, and want to bring forward the following policies.

(I) New Publications including Microfilms and DVD
1. Collection, Arrangement, Classification, Analysis, Integration and Systematization of the Investigations Accumulated at All Fields from Old Ages in the World
It is our honor to introduce customers our new publication systems; restructure and categorized previous publications, and use for future publication concepts. We believe our new publication system help you utilizing large amount of research data and knowledge. Our new categories are classified to five segments.
  • ◎ Literatures and references for Bibliography and Library Science
  • ◎ Databases in all academic fields
  • ◎ Natural History and Phytology as Synthetic Sciences
  • ◎ Classic maps and Topographical maps; Geography and Cartography in the World
  • ◎ Historical literatures in the World and Japan
2. Importance of Bibliography
In order to achieve our objective, it is necessary to establish the protocols. The most significant steps are to understand whole study subject and then analyze, categorize, and restructure. Therefore, we would like to present Bibliographic materials in the top section.
3. Integrated database
Our dictionaries, lexicons, glossaries, encyclopedias, descriptive catalogues and chronological tables are the products of various Databases; arrangements, classifications, analysis and integrations of accumulated intelligences, restructure of academic materials stored from old ages. We believe that the creation of databases integrates intelligences to everybody. This is essential matter and consolidates the foundation and balanced society. Napoleon BONAPARTE who constructed modern France said “The Basement of the nation depends on the academic materials as integrated intellectual results”. We will lay the foundation for this fundamental policy and remember of it.
4. Natural history and Phytology
We have found that the re-investigation of natural history and phytology as synthetic sciences is essential to study history of science. The Achievements of précised and modern sciences are more than the integrations of accumulated intelligences and the arrangements of scientific phenomena. We cannot neglect the anti-scientific factors incorporated into people about natural history and phytology before 18th century, in other words, the role of the examinations on alchemy, astrology and sorcery led the development of the human race's intelligence. We believe if we cannot realize “these thinking hints”, lay at the root of rational and scientific thought, it is impossible for us to recognize the world systematically.
5. Maps for the fundamental references
“We signify the prospect for the future by analysis and generalization”. Thus we decided to grapple with the systematization and the subjective analyses of historical events in the world including Japan. We found such examples in the study of organization and the governance in the East India Company at Great Britain and South Manchuria Railway Company, in which make great contributions to the academia. We also found one of forgotten study about life-style and economics of Japanese low class society from ancient to modern, the publishing of “The Collected Historical Materials of Japanese Discriminations”. Such a finding now raises public discussion. These studies give us new findings.
(II) Old and Rare Books
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(III) Relating to Purchase and Consulation of Our Academic Materials
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